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Q.I don't know a password for viewing photos.
A.Please find it on the flyer we distributed to event participants.
If you lost the flyer, please contact us by following the "Click here to find out a password for viewing photos" link on the top page of the specific event.
Q.How can I make payment?
A.We only accept payment by credit card.
Q.Can I alter or cancel my order?
A.Due to the nature of download data products, cancellation (refund) requests cannot be made after purchase.
Q.How soon will I receive a download URL and download key?
A.As soon as the downloadable data are ready (one to three business days after completing an order), we will send an email containing the download URL and download key.
Q.I have not received a download URL and download key.
A.If you haven't received them within five business days of placing an order, please contact us via the inquiry form with your order number specified.
Q.For how long can I download the data?
A.The period you can download the data is 90 days from the delivery of the email notifying you of the download URL.
Q.Can I still download after the downloadable period has expired?
A.After the downloadable period ended, you cannot download the data.
Please be sure to download the data within the period and save them on your computer or smartphone.
Q.I get errors trying to settle my order with a credit card.
A.Please check if the information you have entered is correct.
  • * You have entered month in the field for year of expiration, vice versa.
  • * You have hyphenated your credit card number.
  • * The card you tried to register is expired.
    If you have entered all the information correctly, please contact your credit card company.
Q.I cannot find my event.
A.If you cannot find your event, probable causes are as follows:
  1. 1. You have entered incorrect search conditions in searching for your event.
    You may have entered the wrong event time. Change conditions and retry your search.
  2. 2. You were looking for an event for which we do not offer the photo service.
    The event you chose may be one which our photographers did not attend.
    Please contact us via the inquiry form by specifying the event date and official name of the event.
Q.Is it impossible to place an order after the event deadline?
A.After the event deadline, you can order by reposted price.
Please note that the reposted price will be 150% of regular price.
And there are some events that are not repostable.
Q.Please tell me the recommended browser environment.
A.We recommend the following browser environment.


Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Internet Explorer 11
Chrome Latest edition
Edge Latest edition
JavaScript enabled
Cookie enabled
SSL enabled


Devices equipped with Android OS 8.0 or higher
Devices equipped with iOS 12.0 or higher
Standard browser
JavaScript enabled
Cookie enabled

In addition to using the recommended environment there may be not be available to some services. Please understand.


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