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Privacy policy on photo data

Privacy policy on “Data” such as visual image, electronic data of visual image, moving data, published photograph, etc (hereinafter referred to as the “Data”).
We recognize that ”Data” are personal data. We will be in strict compliance with Privacy Protection Law of Japan and relevant orders and guidelines. We specify this Privacy Policy and pay special attention thereto in dealing with such ”Data”.

1. Extent of application of the Privacy Policy

Photecreate Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Company) will administer “Data” in accordance with this Privacy Policy. “Data” referred to in this paper is the photographs of the user (hereinafter referred to as Client), i.e. A subject of photography. Treatment of personal data other than “Data” will be in accordance with separate overall privacy polity of Company. In case there is a speculation in the overall privacy policy for matters not specified in this Privacy Policy, those in the overall privacy policy will apply.

2. Purpose of use of “Data”

Company will use “Data” of the Client which was taken by Company or cameramen entrusted by Company or cameramen who are dispatched from organization tied-up with Company (i.e. individual, client, corporation, foundation juridical person, incorporated association, school association, religious association, authorized association, political association, foreign association, institution) for the following purpose.

  • For the purpose of selling “Data” to the Client who wish to purchase after reading website of the Company.
  • For the purpose of display on website of Company as visual image to sell photograph or to advertise the service of Company.

3. Acquisition of “Data”

Acquisition of “Data” by Company is by lawful and just means. For that purpose, Company will notify the method of acquisition and purpose of use on the website of Company or by distribution of pamphlet together with requirements.

4. Sale of “Data”

Sale of “Data” to the Client in accordance with item 2 hereof will be sale of either “Data” themselves or type of the data . Order-placement of “Data” in accordance with item 2 hereof could be; on-line order through website of Company, order by electric mail. Upon order-placement by either of these methods, Company will sell “Data”.

5. Security of “Data”

Company will take care that “Data” of the Client is displayed at an appropriate place within the website of Company and such place is always accurate and current. It will maintain the system to prevent wrongful access to the “Data” of the Client. It will also maintain the system to secure “Data” from leakage, erroneous deletion, damage, etc. and continuously endeavor to improve such security system.

6. Disclosure of “Data”

Company will not disclose “Data” except for the following. However, disclosure is to be allowed insofar as and to the extent it is necessary to operate the system of this service.

  • Disclosure to the third party of “Data” in the form that individuals cannot be identified.
  • When disclosing or using particular “Data” after obtaining his / her voluntarily consent.
  • Disclosure on the basis of official court order.
  • When requested by statutory governmental bodies such as police, prosecutorial authority, etc. in accordance with official procedure.

7. Revision of displaying place, stop of display and deletion of “Data”

As the number of people attending the sports event is so large, it is not possible to obtain from all the participants consent / agreement on displaying “Data”on the website of Company. Therefore, when request is made by subject of photography (including guardians of a subject) to revise displaying place, stop of display, deletion, Company will take a step for complying such a request.

[Request on website]
Please click “request for deletion of visual image” which is just below the service top page of Company’s website, fill-in necessary information following the instruction on the relevant page, and send the message to Company.
[Request by electronic mail]
When requesting by electronic mail, please inform your address, name, mail address, name of event, Bib number, name of team, and number of “Data” to be deleted and send to the following mail address.

Photograph Deletion Request Support Sec. Photocreate Co. Ltd.

8. Rule on Personal Data Protection Law and prohibition

(Limit of use of personal data)
Use of personal data by Company is limited to the business activities and by authorized personnel only.
(Prohibition on personal data)
Company will not use “Data” for the purpose of other than that specified in item 2 of this Privacy Policy hereof. Carriage and / or sending by telecommunication of “Data” from its storage place will be with utmost care according to the required procedure to prevent leakage. Employees of Company are obligatory to be in compliance with confidentiality duty on “Data” not only during business time but after quitting Company.

9. Assurance / enhancement of security for information

Company will continuously improve overall information security system of Company by establishing an appropriate organization and educating of employees, so that “Data” is protected from wrong access, lost, damage / destruction, leakage, etc.

10. Governing law

The governing law applicable to this Privacy Policy shall be Japan Law.

11. Jurisdictional Institution

Any dispute arising from or in connection with the interpretation of this Privacy Policy, if not settled by consultation, shall be referred to the legal forum, Tokyo District Court or Tokyo Summary Court depending of the amount in dispute.

12. Revision / alteration of the Privacy Policy

Company will uninterruptedly exert every effort for protection of “Data”. This policy statement may be updated as and when necessary in consideration of public trend. Any revision /alteration of the policy, if made, will be notified in this home page and effective from the date of notification.

First published on: 20 February 2007
Revised on:13 July 2009
Revised on:4 September 2009
Revised on:15 January 2016

Tomotaka Osawa,
Managing Director,
Photocreate Co., Ltd.


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